Focallure ULTRAFINE Eyeliner-FA200


Focallure ULTRAFINE Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner

Focallure Liquid Eyeliner is ultrafine quick-drying liquid eyeliner comes with a choice of two different brush types.
One is a 0.08mm liquid eyeliner brush with very fine hair. The brush touch is soft and does not hurt the skin, 0.08mm fine brush head. It can easily draw very fine lines with even water, beginners can draw perfect eyeliner.

One is a liquid eyeliner pencil with a new elbow design of 0.1mm, with a 150° arc design, which does not block the sight and is more closely at the base of the eyelashes. Two kinds of usage, Easy to control the thickness of your eyeliner. Super waterproof, 5-second quick-dry, long-lasting and smudge-proof, both available in black and brown.

How to Use:
0.08mm Hairbrush: Fit the root of the eyelashes to create the perfect liner
0.1mm bend brush:
Thin lines: Use the tip of the pen to touch the root of your eyelashes for the perfect eyeliner
Thick lines: Use the side of the pen to fit the eyebrow to create a cat-eye makeup effect


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