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Hello Everyone! 

We can’t just explain how happy and excited we are to announce that the Focallure’s Red Wine® Liquid blushes have been released and are available in-store and on the website for purchasing. 

The RED WINE® LIQUID BLUSHES are latest addition to the Focallure’s blush family. Silky and weightless, the RED WINE® Liquid Blushes are infused with natural ingredients to blend effortlessly for a natural-looking, second-skin finish. A soft veil of color kisses skin to create a healthy glow that lasts for up to 12 hours of application. The buildable formula blends effortlessly for a seamless application. Just one dab delivers the perfect amount of long-lasting color for sheer to high-impact looks. If you need just one beauty product to transform your complexion from tired and dull to glowing and radiant, these liquid blushes will be your best choice. 

Listed below are the salient features of our newly released blushes: 

Create a natural flush, giving a healthy second-skin finish
Adds to the hydration levels of the skin
Blends perfectly without cracking
Suitable for long wearing, stays on for up to 12 hours of application
Does not wear-off or fade, no need to touch up constantly
Super Pigmented, so the application is seamless 
There are four distinct shades to love, i.e. TEQUILA, SHERRY, BORDEAUX and PINK LADY. #01 TEQUILA is a maple red blush with golden-sheer shimmering effect. #02 SHERRY is a matte pumpkin-orange blush with velvety matte effect. #03 BORDEAUX is a matte warm-coral blush with velvety matte effect. #04 PINK LADY is a baby pink blush with golden-sheer shimmering effect.

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Blush is mostly used on the cheeks to simply add color and life to your entire face. One swipe of blush can instantly make you look alive than any caffeine or energy drink can. There’s really nothing more beautiful than the healthy blush on the cheeks; that’s why we’re all obsessed with it.

Are you team powder? Or are you team liquid? Reading below will set the debate between powder blush and liquid blush. 

Powder blush has certainly been dominating the beauty industry since the early years of makeup but in recent years, liquid form which also includes cream and gel have been gaining popularity.

There is no doubt that the powder blush works with all skin types. For a makeup look where you want to look absolutely glowing, then this should be your best bet. You can easily apply it on your face with the use of a big, fluffy brush and blend it in.

Powder blushes also work best with people with oily skin especially in a tropical country like ours because it can absorb excess oil. It gives a nicer polished finish to the skin.

Whether you like a little shimmer or you want a matte finish, it doesn’t matter because one swipe of a big kabuki brush loaded with powder blush can last you all night.

On the other hand, liquid blush have hydrating formulas that results to a dewy look when applied. It’s also very lightweight and looks more natural than powder blush do. An editorial make-up artist even referred to liquid blushed as something that gives the illusion of a flush that comes from within. It’s the closest thing to a natural blush.

Liquid blush including tints, creams and gel are ideal for people from normal to dry skin because of its moisturizing quality. It also works best for people with mature skin because it has the effect of making you look more youthful.

You may have to wait for a while before the liquid blush dries nicely on your cheeks but once it does, you’re surely going to love how natural it looks. And it yields long-lasting effects.

In the end, whether you’re a powder or a liquid blush type of person, you just have to remember that the ultimate goal of a blush is to give you a natural, healthy glow that gives life and color to your life.

The only real solution to this long debate is to own both a powder blush and a liquid blush, right? Focallure’s got you covered! Just browse through our website and you will be able to find a perfect choice of powdered blushes for your intended usage. We’ve got a whole range of baked, compact, ombre and fresh blushes to complement your makeup looks.

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