PINKFLASH Multi Face Palette-M02


PinkFlash Multi Face Palette (Eyeshadow + Blush + Highlighter) 

PINKFLASH Multi Face Palette Contains The Eyeshadow, The Blush, The Contouring And The Highlight. One Palette Has Multi-Purpose, Convenient And Efficient. Velvety-Soft Powder that feels Lightweight does not hurt the Skin and Easy To Blend. The High Pigment allows you to Have Rich Colors with a simple sweep.

There Are 10 Colors In One Palette, A Variety Of Colors, A Variety Of Collocations, Zero Waste colour Formula, Let You Have A Different Makeup Every Day.

Available Shades:

  1. Mandarin Latte
  2. Strawberry Ice
  3. Caramel Toffee

Benefit: Zero Waste colour, a Palette of 10 Colors Soften and Fine Powder. No Fall Out High Pigment Easy to Blend can be used on Eyes & Face. Use It with PinkFlash Foundation to create a flawless makeup look.

How to Use:

  1. Choose your favourite Eyeshadow And Apply It to your Eyes.
  2. For A Crowd-Pleasing Contour, Sweep Contour Down Sides Of Nose, Beneath Jawline, And Along Hollows Of Cheeks.
  3. Apply Blush into Cheeks to Create a Natural Flush.
  4. To Finish The Look, Dust Cookie On Cheekbones and Down Bridge of Nose to Highlight.

01 Mandarin Latte, 02 Strawberry Ice, 03 Caramel Toffee


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