PinkFlash Pressed Powder-PF 08


PinkFlash Pressed Powder

PinkFlash Pressed Powder is new trace-less oil control pressed powder. Lightweight and Traceless, refuse to crease and cakey. Medium coverage, one layer can even skin tone, second layers can cover blemishes. The powder is fine and soft, smooth on the face, and will not cause acne. It is matte, but not dry. It Lasts 8 hours, waterproof and sweat-proof, moreover it help you to create a smooth and natural traceless velvet matte makeup effect.

Comparison With Other Brands:

  • Others brand:Not oil control → We:Super Oil Control
  • Others brand:Not long lasting → We:Lasting 8-Hour
  • Others brand:Cakey → We:Non-cakey

Shade Selection of Pink Flash Matte Pressed Powder:

  • 000:Suitable For All Skin Tones(Used for Setting Powder)
  • 111:Suitable for light skin tones
  • 222: Suitable for dark skin tones

Features of PinkFlash Pressed Powder:

  • Lightweight and Traceless Non- crease and non-cakey Medium coverage
  • Fine and soft powder Not cause acne
  • Matte but not dry Lasting 8 hours Waterproof

How to Use:

As a Setting Powder: Use a brush to gently sweep the face for an oil-control.

As a Base Makeup: Use makeup sponge to press the face, and do it in small amounts and several times to achieve a non-marking soft matte makeup.


000 (special pakaging), 000, 111, 111 (special pakaging), 222, 222 (special pakaging)


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