PinkFlash Lip Oil is newly launched lip care oil can lock  in moisture and nourishes lips, repair dry and chapped lips, and  effectively smooth lip lines. At the same time, it can slough away dead  skin and help dull lips restore their bright colors. Effectively repair  the lip skin barrier, making lips look healthier, softer and smoother. 5 natural ingredients are added to the lip oil.

Among them, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, and avocado can provide long-lasting moisture to the lips, and kelp extract can help the lip  skin to resist oxidation, delay lip aging, and enhance elasticity ,Ceramide can deeply repair the lip skin barrier and make the lips look

This lip oil can be used alone, and can also be used as a lip gloss layered on matte lipsticks to create plump and shiny lips. Waterproof  formula can quickly form a film on the lip surface, keeping the lips moisturized and moving for a long time.

How to use PinkFlash Lip Oil:
Dip an appropriate amount of lip oil with the brush head and gently apply it on the lips.


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