PINKFLASH Chic In Cheek Blush-F01


PINKFLASH Chic In Cheek Blush is rich in pigment, lasts long and build able. Tthe beautiful matte and shimmery shades of Blush are the perfect cheeky pop of color for every skin tone. Shape and highlight your best facial features.

How to Use: Put the blush on the apple muscles, at that point mix it in a circular motion Put the blush on the center of apple muscles and the eyes, and mix it evenly With the eye tail as the center, it radiates to the temples. Starting from the center of the cheeks, work towards the exterior of the cheekbones and the center of the bridge of the nose. Tips: After base cosmeticsutilize with brush/beauty blender to mix the blush on the cheek.

Advantage of PinkFlash Chic In Cheek Blush :
Pink Flash Blush is high in pigment, easy to blend, give you a natural-looking flush all-day
Flawless and natural-looking


P03, P04, O04, N01, N02, N03, O01, O02, O03, P01, P02


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