PINKFLASH 3 Pan Eyeshadow Palette-PFE23


PINKFLASH 3 Pan Eyeshadow Palette:

1.【High Quality Texture】It has both pearlescent and matte textures, delicate and smooth, easy to spread and easy to apply.

2.【Pearl Matte Matching】One plate contains 3 different colors of pearl and matte, which can basically meet your needs.

3. [Remarkable color rendering effect] The color is full, the color is rich, the color rendering is high, the coloring is natural and docile, and the novice can easily control it.

4.【High Durability】Waterproof and sweatproof, not easy to smudge, not easy to fall off makeup, long-lasting makeup, suitable for all skin types.

5. [Multiple makeup effects] 11 different color styles, you can choose according to different makeup effects, such as daily makeup, etc.

6.【Compact Design】Small size, compact and convenient, easy to carry.


1.Others:No color—Ours:High pigment

2.Others:poor ductility —— Ours:high ductility

3.Others:Rough powder, not easy to apply —— Ours:Fine powder, easy to apply

4.Others:not easy to blend, easy to creasing —— Ours:easy to blend, non-creasing

5.Others:Not waterproof —— Ours:waterproof

How to Use PINKFLASH 3 Pan Eyeshadow Palette :

Apply with your favorite eyeshadow brushes. Flat and firmer brushes will give the most color payoff. Fluffier brushes are great for blending. Use a small angled brush to line the eyes.



GT01, GT02, PK01, PK02, RD01, RD02, BR01, BR02, BR03, BR04, BR05


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