Pink Flash Matte Countour Powder


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PINK FLASH Contour:The contour is easy to use, solid contour is used to emphasize the shape of the face and create a pronounced facial features.The powder is delicate, the upper face is not heavy and the pigment is excellent, which can easily create a natural pronounced facial features.Contains squalane, a formula commonly used in high-end cosmetics. It has good extensibility and moisturizing effect, making it smoother to use. The product is easy to mix on the skin and does not cause acne.

#S01: Suitable for light and cool skin

#S02: Suitable for dark and warm skin\

How to Use: Glide over face and neck for a natural-looking tan glow. To accentuate and contour, apply more over cheekbones

Tips: To accentuate and contour, apply more over cheekbones


PF-F02 Matte Contour

S01-Float, S02-Drop


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