Ireneda Skin Fruit Facial Sheet Mask - IRM01


Ireneda Sheet Mask – IRM01

Ireneda Skin Fruit Facial Sheet Mask full of fruit essence, give your skin a full cup of juice from nature, make healthy and glowing skin.

  • Rich Fruit Ingredients: Each of the masks are full of natural ingredients, solves various skin problems:
    • Pomegranate Hydrating Mask: Fill your skin with moisture and nutrients to make a smooth and tightened skin with 3 natural extracts including pomegranate extract, aloe vera extract, and echinacea purpurea extract.
    • Lemon Brightening Mask: Vitality and brightens the dull skin, fights skin concerns of dullness and dark spots, awake your tired-looking skin with lemon extract, niacinamide, and portulaca oleracea extract.
    • Tea Tree Calming Mask: Control the oil and refresh the oily skin, quickly soothing, and have oil-moisture balance care to reduce acne with tea tree extract and taraxacum mongolicum extract.
  • Easy to Absorb: Full of the essence and not sticky, quickly absorb to make sure your skin fills with nutrients.
  • Skin Friendly Sheet: The sheet can attach to the skin closely without being loosed, and fill with the essence in the tiny holes between the sheet to deliver skin with ingredients effectively.
  • Alcohol-Free: Created with high-quality ingredients and alcohol-free, not allergies easily.

TT01, PH02, VC03


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