Focallure STAYMAX Mascara & Eyeliner-FA 160-1

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Focallure STAYMAX Mascara & Eyeliner

Focallure StayMax Mascara & Eyeliner has Exclusive fanning brush from root to tip for a full-fan effect. Suitable for contact lens wearers.
DEFINE YOUR EYE WITH MASCARA: No eye look is complete without FOCALLURE Mascara— No matter what type of eye makeup you have, this mascara can give you a thick curling, but clean and natural lashes give you the most voluminous, dark, thick and elongated lashes

How to use :

  • Start from the root and move upwards to brush the eyelashes more fully. Pause at the end of the eye. After brushing the part, pay attention to the eyelashes at the end of the eye and at the tip of the eye.
  • When brushing the eyelashes, the root of the eyelashes leaks out, pay attention to the detail adjustment.
  • When brushing the eyelashes carefully, put your hand lightly, gently shake and push the eyelash brush outward.

Key Features: 

  • Never Cross 3mm Micro Brush
  • Crazy Lenght & Curled
  • Fiber Filled
  • Waterproof
  • Long Lasting
  • Smudge Proof

Focallure has various types of Mascara and Eyeliner Collections. Some of the remarkable products are StayMax Volumizing Mascara, Long Lash Waterproof Mascara, Volume & Length Waterproof Mascara etc.


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