Focallure Powder Mist Matte Lip Glaze-FA344


Focallure Powder Mist Matte Lip Glaze

The air mist texture is as light as air which makes you feel as if nothing is applied on your lips and it is high pigment. The air mist texture will not blend with water, so it can meet your long-lasting waterproof needs. There will be a little bit transfer, but the color will stay on your lips all day long. Dip a small amount of lip cream and gently blend with a curved plush brush and then use your finger to blend it. You will get a even and non-caking effect.

Net Weight of Focallure Powder Mist Matte Lip Glaze: 2.5 Grams

How To Use : You can use your fingers to lightly blend and get a more even effect.

Tip: If the skin on your lips is dry, I recommended to use lip balm as a lip base first.


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