Focallure Gel Eyeliner-FA 243


Focallure Gel Eyeliner , an ultra-slim 1.7mm.

  • Two Texture: Two types of texture including the typical matte one and a shimmer type.
  • Easy to use: Create gorgeously shape eyeliner looks with these high-impact eyeliner pencils that go above and beyond the call for long-lasting.
  • Long lasting & Waterproof: Powerfully-pigmented eyeliner pencil can deliver hours of waterproof, fade-proof color.

How to Use Focallure Gel Eyeliner:
Use the eyeliner gel pencil to draw the eyeliner shape the way you want it to be after finish all the eyeshadows and the mascara. It can be used both on the waterline and on the eye.


F01, F02, F03, F04, F05


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