Focallure Gel Mask (Single Use)


Focallure Gel Mask

Focallure Gel Mask is 7 Days Twin-core Mask. Using 7 egg masks in one week can help you to solve all kinds of skin trouble. The appearance of the Twin-core Mask is just like an egg. It is composed of a hydrating-core (egg white) and a function-core (egg yolk). The hydrating core can provide deep hydrating for the skin and different colors of the function-core has different effects. It helps in solving different skin problem.

Focallure Gel Mask Yellow(Whitening):

Extract natural plant whitening essences such as blueberry, arbutin and chamomile, as well as “Whitening expert” niacinamide and fulfulene,match with avocado’s deep hydrating effect, it can enhance skin elasticity and make skin naturally white from the inside out. This mask also contains a small amount of acid, which is perfect for beginners who want to try acid to make the skin more bright. –

Blue (Cleansing and Oil Control):

Contains aloe vera and Australian tea plant, which can effectively inhibit the growth of acne and anti-bacterial skin inflammation, absorption of excess oil. Malachite and Hamamelis, known as the “pore magnet”. It can effectively clean pores, help to clean the residual cosmetics in pores and grateful pore convergence. It allow skin to reach a state of water and oil balance.

Green(Dispel Acne and Reduce Acne Marks):

Contains salicylic acid, can make acne quickly dry and has a certain effect of exfoliating. Centella can reduce inflammation and reduce acne prints, so that acne and ane marks no longer appear. It will feel like ice when you use it.

Pink(Hydrate in 3 minutes):

Just 3 minutes, avocado and lemon can quickly hydrate to the top layer of your skin, while hyaluronic acid will deep skin quickly hydrates,help you stop foundation from creasing. – Small and convenient, one mask each time, easy to carry on business trips and easy to collect at home. – Use 7 masks a week. You can use same function masks or combination funcation masks.

Blue: Clean pores, absorption of excess oil, the pore convergence, balance skin moisture and oil Green: Eliminate acne, reduce acne marks Yellow: Whitening skin, increase skin elasticity. Contains acid, suitable for beginner who want to try acid Pink: 3 minutes quick hydrating, stop foundation from creasing.

 How to Use Focallure Gel Mask :

1. Clean your face with warm water.

2. After opening the package, stir the mask with a spoon or finger until the egg white of the mask is merged with the yolk.

3. Apply the mask evenly on your face

4. Wait for 15 minutes (A 3-minute moisturizing mask only needs to stay on your face for 3 minutes)

5. Rinse your face with warm water.


Yellow for Whitening, Green for Acne, Blue for Oil Control, Pink for 3 Minute Hyderate Up


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