FA183-Moulding Highlight &Contouring/Bronzer Palette


1,000.00 900.00

Focallure Highlighter Sculpt Makeup Palette, with travel-friendly sizes is extremely easy to color and blend.

It has two colors to choose.

#01 builds Natural Matte & Shinny Skin

#2 builds Super Well-defined facial lines, long-lasting makeup, light as feather present excellent well-defined facial lines.

Benefit: -Long Lasting -Natural Effect -Easy to Blend -Subtle and Smooth -Fine Texture -Waterproof.

How to use: Bronzer: Put the bronzer around the bridge of the nose’s both side, side face, lower jaw, etc. that needs to be retouch after you finish your makeup. Highlighter: Put the highligher around the T zone, cheeckbone, jaw, etc. that needs to be brighten up. Tips: Recommend to be uesd with Focallure’s foundation, allows you better to create a long-lasting, fine and smooth makeup effect.


01 Matte cool, 02 Champagne Pop


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