FA 98 – Focallure RAINBOW Cocktail Cleansing Oil, Make up Remover (100ml)

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The all new Rainbow Cocktail® Makeup Remover is a perfect combination of oil and water, which is refreshing, moisturizing, and a kind of makeup remover which is suitable for all skins. The remover is formulated with a proportion of 6:4 water-oil ratio, which deeply cleanses the dirt and makeup while mainting the water and skin oil balance. The remover, unlike other removers in the market is free from mineral oils, so bid farewell to the sticky feeling which is caused by oil residue. Its lightweight, and is effective for removing heavy makeup as well as any kind of permanent makeup.

Another great thing about the Rainbow Cocktail® Makeup Remover is that it is infused with natural ingredients, i.e. Betaine, Rose Extract, Carrot Root, so your skin feels great after using it. The solution not only acts as a makeup remover, but also takes care of your skin by soothing it and keeping it moisturized.


Here’s what the Rainbow Cocktail® Makeup Remover has to offer:

Oil Layer (Honey Yellow) quickly dissolves the makeup

Water Layer (Rose Pink) cleanses the oil residue.

Having the PH levels same as our tears, the solution is not at all harmful to the eyes.

The remover can even be used by people wearing contact lenses with full confidence.

Not harmful to the lips, and can effectively be used for removing permanent lipsticks


Net Weight: 100 ml


How to use:

Take 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil onto the palm of your hand

Gently apply it onto the face. For removing eye makeup, pour the solution onto a cotton pad and apply to areas from where the makeup needs to be removed

Wet the face with water to emulsify the cleansing oil and then rinse thoroughly with water.


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